Fiction Friday!

The sun was nestling beneath the waves, sending shattered beams of light across the surface towards the beach. Her cheeks were stained with tears, the skin stiff from the breeze caressing her skin as she stood in the sand, ignoring the icy waves washing over the tops of her bare feet. He watched from aContinue reading “Fiction Friday!”

Fiction Friday

Happy Friday folks! What are your writing goals looking like for this weekend? I have my kids this weekend so I likely won’t be getting much work done but we do have a play date with family we haven’t seen in a while and a possible trip to an indoor water park Sunday. I mayContinue reading “Fiction Friday”

Fiction Friday

Monday is Valentine’s Day so let’s have some fun with that. The restaurant was in the swing of love’s season as staff hung hearts, decorated the booths with festive pieces, and added fresh bouquets of flowers to each of the vases that were scattered throughout the dining area. Reservations were off the charts which wasContinue reading “Fiction Friday”

Fiction Friday

One month in and I am going to start a new series called Fiction Fridays. Here I will post a writing prompt in hopes to kick start our weekends of writing related fun. Posts will be light hearted and I will post mine within the blog post but I can’t wait to read what funContinue reading “Fiction Friday”


Fear has a power to move us in ways unimaginable and gives us strength we never knew we had.  The shivering was getting out of hand. My entire body began to quiver, the anxiety overwhelming my delicate system and it was like my mind was in its own personal tug-of-war.  Metal bars sealing me insideContinue reading “Fear “

Haunted Waters

Dipping below the horizon, the sun’s last rays sliced the ocean into pieces, as though each beam were its own laser. She gazed upon the waves in the distance, imagining the reef teaming with hungry predators looking for a meal.  Temporarily distracted by the melody of crashing waves and sifting sand, the young widow approachedContinue reading “Haunted Waters”

Writing Prompt 11/12/15

Even in the pit of darkness, the pistol had a certain glow about it. It’s sleek, hard barrel was smooth beneath her hand, it’s texture fine and utter perfection in a world that was far from it.  Not long ago the world was a much different place. One where people were courteous, kind, and gentle.Continue reading “Writing Prompt 11/12/15”

Oceanic Therapy 

The ocean spoke with gentle waves, the tide rising and then reclaiming sand before returning to the water’s edge. Gemma nearly always found herself at the edge, it’s crisp salty texture a sort of massage to her damaged soul.  In her hands tonight she held a simple gold band, smooth to the touch but woreContinue reading “Oceanic Therapy “

Writing Prompt 10/8/15

Finish the sentence. Five minute exercise.  “Death would be too easy” Death would be too easy. A long afternoon of impatient folks, credit card swipes, and price checks were behind me and awaiting my arrival at home was a giant bowl of popcorn and my favorite comedic reruns. It didn’t matter that it was FridayContinue reading “Writing Prompt 10/8/15”

Writing Prompt

Write a scene: Rain transformed the narrow path into a stream of mud and dead leaves.  —————– Rain transformed the narrow path into a stream of mud and dead leaves. Cecelia’s damp body was pressed up against my back as we trudged through the dense vegetation. The surrounding viney apendages whipped past us leaving scratchesContinue reading “Writing Prompt”

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