Sneak Peek – Here and Now

The gulf stretches for an eternity, it’s careless waves licking the beach in a therapeutic motion. It was on the beach that he first kissed me, but also the very place he said he was leaving because he couldn’t do this anymore.  It’s not like ‘this’ was something I had wanted. California was the onlyContinue reading “Sneak Peek – Here and Now”

Spark of Violence

Normal routine, interrupted by chaos and tragedy. An impatient sound fills the space with terror  and leaves a scar of flame.  Initial burning morphs into a numbing peace.  A gentle life- left hanging in the balance.  They riddle the floor: parents, children, and siblings.  A space of red, tears, and violence- with power to bringContinue reading “Spark of Violence”

Oceanic Therapy 

The ocean spoke with gentle waves, the tide rising and then reclaiming sand before returning to the water’s edge. Gemma nearly always found herself at the edge, it’s crisp salty texture a sort of massage to her damaged soul.  In her hands tonight she held a simple gold band, smooth to the touch but woreContinue reading “Oceanic Therapy “

Writing Prompt 10/8/15

Finish the sentence. Five minute exercise.  “Death would be too easy” Death would be too easy. A long afternoon of impatient folks, credit card swipes, and price checks were behind me and awaiting my arrival at home was a giant bowl of popcorn and my favorite comedic reruns. It didn’t matter that it was FridayContinue reading “Writing Prompt 10/8/15”

Autumn Days

Scarecrows, pumpkins, and apples- Shorter days and longer shadows- Colored leaves and sweaters.  Summer has sadly come and gone, but Autumn is here with cider and cuddles. 

Writing Prompt

Write a scene: Rain transformed the narrow path into a stream of mud and dead leaves.  —————– Rain transformed the narrow path into a stream of mud and dead leaves. Cecelia’s damp body was pressed up against my back as we trudged through the dense vegetation. The surrounding viney apendages whipped past us leaving scratchesContinue reading “Writing Prompt”


The parking lots are empty- the workplace deserted. Same holds true in my life- a void in my heart. But I find comfort in my loneliness, the same those do in crowds.  But I don’t need the deafening silence, for I am heard through everlasting words.  © October 2015 by Amber L Hoppa

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