Fear has a power to move us in ways unimaginable and gives us strength we never knew we had.  The shivering was getting out of hand. My entire body began to quiver, the anxiety overwhelming my delicate system and it was like my mind was in its own personal tug-of-war.  Metal bars sealing me insideContinue reading “Fear “

Writing Prompt – Attack Scene

He reached for the knife.  Julie’s words failed to penetrate the complicated network of neuro transmitters in his brain telling him that this behavior was ok. She didn’t believe in demons and being possessed but with the angry bloodshot eyes glaring and the odd way he was hunched, her mind had a hard time resistingContinue reading “Writing Prompt – Attack Scene”

Nightly Prompt

Low battery. Exactly the two words I didn’t want to see right now.  “Shit,” I mutter, tossing the useless device back in my backpack. Hesitant, I peer above and groan as I witness the sherbert painted sky fade to black.  It isn’t long before the shadows become animated around me; the eerie silence of predatorsContinue reading “Nightly Prompt”

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