Fiction Friday

Monday is Valentine’s Day so let’s have some fun with that. The restaurant was in the swing of love’s season as staff hung hearts, decorated the booths with festive pieces, and added fresh bouquets of flowers to each of the vases that were scattered throughout the dining area. Reservations were off the charts which wasContinue reading “Fiction Friday”

A Writer’s Life

Back in high school, some ten years ago (yikes!), I had dreamt of an amazing concept for a fantasy saga. To be honest, it TOOK over my brain and these characters were all I could think of until I jotted their stories down. Quite recently, now that I’m finished with my latest project, I dugContinue reading “A Writer’s Life”


What a sight it is to see the sun and have no need for a coat! It’s been a crazy handful of weeks between losing my aunt and having to deal with the ordeals that come with losing someone that you’ve watched triumph over the trials sent their way over the years.  But with deathContinue reading “Inspired”


An elegant embrace and forbidden lovers.  Sweet nectar of passion – cleverly disguised by a lengthy tension.  A borrowed kiss, a weekend of bliss – A personal drug I cannot bear to leave behind.  © by Amber L Hoppa, October 2015

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