I Will Be

When the world goes dark, and you search blindly with fear – I will be the light that shows you the way.  When the world goes still, and the grief is too much –  I will be the hug that you need the most.  When the world does nothing, and the rage is overwhelming –Continue reading “I Will Be”

Capsized Summer

And now the season’s changing – if only I could say our hearts have. What once was can no longer be – for you’ve all but buried me in the grave. Blue, purple, black and peach, the colors of my bruises sing. A melody of pain, love, and trouble – a true makings of aContinue reading “Capsized Summer”


An elegant embrace and forbidden lovers.  Sweet nectar of passion – cleverly disguised by a lengthy tension.  A borrowed kiss, a weekend of bliss – A personal drug I cannot bear to leave behind.  © by Amber L Hoppa, October 2015

Marriage Leap 

A love story, woven and bound by trust, delicately blessed with commitment and faith.  What sets us free is the horizon; an unpredictable sky of adventure.  October brings the circle around, where one chapter ends- another begins.  What life shall we lead- now that we are no longer two, But one held together by twoContinue reading “Marriage Leap “

Spark of Violence

Normal routine, interrupted by chaos and tragedy. An impatient sound fills the space with terror  and leaves a scar of flame.  Initial burning morphs into a numbing peace.  A gentle life- left hanging in the balance.  They riddle the floor: parents, children, and siblings.  A space of red, tears, and violence- with power to bringContinue reading “Spark of Violence”


The parking lots are empty- the workplace deserted. Same holds true in my life- a void in my heart. But I find comfort in my loneliness, the same those do in crowds.  But I don’t need the deafening silence, for I am heard through everlasting words.  © October 2015 by Amber L Hoppa