Fiction Friday

I know St Patrick’s Day was yesterday but we can’t not include that with this week’s theme! Besides, it’s my birthday today so that is how this works! The hole in the wall bar was flooded with green and reeked of Irish beer and vomit. Olivia stood out in the crowd, as obvious as aContinue reading “Fiction Friday”

March Check-In

Hey all! It’s crazy to think we are half way through the month already and it feels like I have done nothing. That isn’t true, actually, I’ve been so busy I’m not sure how I’ve accomplished what I have done HA! I’m two books in for the month and though I have enough time monthContinue reading “March Check-In”

Fiction Friday!

The sun was nestling beneath the waves, sending shattered beams of light across the surface towards the beach. Her cheeks were stained with tears, the skin stiff from the breeze caressing her skin as she stood in the sand, ignoring the icy waves washing over the tops of her bare feet. He watched from aContinue reading “Fiction Friday!”

March Goals

Hey all! I had to take the week off last week due to having to handle some personal matters with my children but I am back and looking strong! My goals for March are simple. Read and blog. I’ve temporarily tabled my current WIP until things settle down in my personal life because otherwise IContinue reading “March Goals”

Fiction Friday

Happy Friday folks! What are your writing goals looking like for this weekend? I have my kids this weekend so I likely won’t be getting much work done but we do have a play date with family we haven’t seen in a while and a possible trip to an indoor water park Sunday. I mayContinue reading “Fiction Friday”

February Check-In

It’s that time of month. How on Earth is it that time of month already? February is going great so far. I actually finished my first February book before the month even started and I was reached out to by an author online to read and review their book, Stormsilver. I’m nearing the halfway pointContinue reading “February Check-In”

Fiction Friday

Monday is Valentine’s Day so let’s have some fun with that. The restaurant was in the swing of love’s season as staff hung hearts, decorated the booths with festive pieces, and added fresh bouquets of flowers to each of the vases that were scattered throughout the dining area. Reservations were off the charts which wasContinue reading “Fiction Friday”

Fiction Friday

One month in and I am going to start a new series called Fiction Fridays. Here I will post a writing prompt in hopes to kick start our weekends of writing related fun. Posts will be light hearted and I will post mine within the blog post but I can’t wait to read what funContinue reading “Fiction Friday”

February Goals

How on Earth is it February already? I’m not kidding. January just flew on by! Now, to be fair to myself, I did have three deaths in the family in the first half of the month so that was exhausting but I did push through. I didn’t get my entire first draft done which wasContinue reading “February Goals”

A Writer’s Life

Back in high school, some ten years ago (yikes!), I had dreamt of an amazing concept for a fantasy saga. To be honest, it TOOK over my brain and these characters were all I could think of until I jotted their stories down. Quite recently, now that I’m finished with my latest project, I dugContinue reading “A Writer’s Life”