Writing Prompt – Attack Scene

He reached for the knife.  Julie’s words failed to penetrate the complicated network of neuro transmitters in his brain telling him that this behavior was ok. She didn’t believe in demons and being possessed but with the angry bloodshot eyes glaring and the odd way he was hunched, her mind had a hard time resistingContinue reading “Writing Prompt – Attack Scene”

Six Months Old!

   My baby is six months old. Where in the world has the last half year gone?!  When I think back to that day we welcomed little Peter into our lives I relive some of the happiest days of my life. But with those first few days of memories also come the worst moments IContinue reading “Six Months Old!”

Kid Magic: A Short Story

Kid Magic There was a time when being here made me feel whole. A time when being saturated in the sweet pine and maple scent was worth the bugs and scurrying critters. In the summer, the entire open field would be alive with gorgeous clusters of wildflowers and we’d run through the tall grass handContinue reading “Kid Magic: A Short Story”

Poetry Night – Imprisioned

September is Mental Health Awareness Month. It also happens to be Random Act of Kindness month. Coincidence? Enjoy this poem that channels what I’ve felt during some of the worst times in my life. I will never be the happy giddy kid I was prior to my mental health issues but writing turned out toContinue reading “Poetry Night – Imprisioned”

To Read is to Live

Growing up I remember hating to read. I know what you’re thinking and believe me, it’s true. Of course, I quickly learned that in order to be a great writer I’d have to do my fair share of reading. Now it’s hard to pin point a specific book or article that changed my views onContinue reading “To Read is to Live”

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