Birthday Boy!

Today is a beautiful day for many reasons but especially is wonderful because it’s our son’s FIRST birthday! As mentioned in a prior post, we have many reasons to celebrate today, the most important obviously being that our son is alive and well.       As it would happen, we’d only have SIX hours with ourContinue reading “Birthday Boy!”

First Pumpkin!

The first year in any child’s life is fun just because you get to experience the firsts of many traditions with said child. This weekend was PJ’s first time at the pumpkin farm we go to in Colgate, WI. It’s called Basse’s Taste of Country and if you haven’t been, I suggest you go thereContinue reading “First Pumpkin!”

Six Months Old!

   My baby is six months old. Where in the world has the last half year gone?!  When I think back to that day we welcomed little Peter into our lives I relive some of the happiest days of my life. But with those first few days of memories also come the worst moments IContinue reading “Six Months Old!”

Five Months Old!

Our little peanut is FIVE months old! I just cannot believe it! To look back and relive what we’ve gone through as a family since he was born, I feel like it was a lifetime ago but nope, only five months. And then I peer down at his toothless grin and think to myself, “howContinue reading “Five Months Old!”