Fiction Friday

I know St Patrick’s Day was yesterday but we can’t not include that with this week’s theme! Besides, it’s my birthday today so that is how this works! The hole in the wall bar was flooded with green and reeked of Irish beer and vomit. Olivia stood out in the crowd, as obvious as aContinue reading “Fiction Friday”

March Goals

Hey all! I had to take the week off last week due to having to handle some personal matters with my children but I am back and looking strong! My goals for March are simple. Read and blog. I’ve temporarily tabled my current WIP until things settle down in my personal life because otherwise IContinue reading “March Goals”

February Check-In

It’s that time of month. How on Earth is it that time of month already? February is going great so far. I actually finished my first February book before the month even started and I was reached out to by an author online to read and review their book, Stormsilver. I’m nearing the halfway pointContinue reading “February Check-In”

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