Writing Prompt – Attack Scene

He reached for the knife.  Julie’s words failed to penetrate the complicated network of neuro transmitters in his brain telling him that this behavior was ok. She didn’t believe in demons and being possessed but with the angry bloodshot eyes glaring and the odd way he was hunched, her mind had a hard time resistingContinue reading “Writing Prompt – Attack Scene”

Six Months Old!

   My baby is six months old. Where in the world has the last half year gone?!  When I think back to that day we welcomed little Peter into our lives I relive some of the happiest days of my life. But with those first few days of memories also come the worst moments IContinue reading “Six Months Old!”

Nightly Prompt

Low battery. Exactly the two words I didn’t want to see right now.  “Shit,” I mutter, tossing the useless device back in my backpack. Hesitant, I peer above and groan as I witness the sherbert painted sky fade to black.  It isn’t long before the shadows become animated around me; the eerie silence of predatorsContinue reading “Nightly Prompt”

To Read is to Live

Growing up I remember hating to read. I know what you’re thinking and believe me, it’s true. Of course, I quickly learned that in order to be a great writer I’d have to do my fair share of reading. Now it’s hard to pin point a specific book or article that changed my views onContinue reading “To Read is to Live”


Flying always has a way of putting me into a trance. For the few hours I’m in the air, I’m weightless. Everything else in the world is small, minuscule in fact, and my future is as unwritten and bright as the clouds that seem to carry me to my destination. My husband and I areContinue reading “Honeymoon!”

Five Months Old!

Our little peanut is FIVE months old! I just cannot believe it! To look back and relive what we’ve gone through as a family since he was born, I feel like it was a lifetime ago but nope, only five months. And then I peer down at his toothless grin and think to myself, “howContinue reading “Five Months Old!”

Speechless, so how about a poem?

Please don’t cry, for I am with you always.  The air around me is full of sighs; the weight of a hundred broken hearts.    My time here has come and gone, much sooner than you and I had hoped.  But don’t worry, I’m where I belong; right beside you as I’ve always been.   Continue reading “Speechless, so how about a poem?”

Life Lesson on Being a New Mom

As a new mom I’m figuring things out…like how to avoid being peed on and finding time to write because it’s one thing I need in my life to keep me sane. Well, as sane as I can get anyway 😉 I admit, when I was pregnant with our son, I jumped through hoops toContinue reading “Life Lesson on Being a New Mom”

Motherhood Hiccup

With a future of uncertainty, I somehow find the will to face my fears. But who will wipe my worried tears? I often found myself at odds with myself after my son’s medical condition became known shortly after his birth. The days I spent in the hospital alone with my husband were some of theContinue reading “Motherhood Hiccup”

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