Fear has a power to move us in ways unimaginable and gives us strength we never knew we had.  The shivering was getting out of hand. My entire body began to quiver, the anxiety overwhelming my delicate system and it was like my mind was in its own personal tug-of-war.  Metal bars sealing me insideContinue reading “Fear “

Busy Year Ahead

Boy has this year gotten it’s start on me! Life does not certainly slow down when you have a 11 month old bent on taking over the world!     But this momma is teaching him right! He’s going to be a boy for sure, playing with all the farm toys and enjoying that hunting andContinue reading “Busy Year Ahead”


Death is a funny thing. Not humorous in any way, but it’s strange that you can swear up and down that you won’t ever get over someone’s death and yet, years later you find that you’ve found a way to go about day to day things without much complication.  Two years ago tomorrow I receivedContinue reading “Ramblings”

Happy New Year!

Oh my goodness has it been a while! But first holiday season with our youngster made it both more enjoyable and work!  I’ve decided enough slacking, however, because it’s time to get back to work. I have a book to edit before getting it off to my ghost editor and then I have to query,Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

Born Hero

   This little boy is my hero. Words alone cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of him for taking this recovery by the horns and continuing to smile each and every day even when he has some hard obstacles to overcome. He truly has his daddy’s strength and momma’s determination.  This pastContinue reading “Born Hero”

Writing Prompt 11/12/15

Even in the pit of darkness, the pistol had a certain glow about it. It’s sleek, hard barrel was smooth beneath her hand, it’s texture fine and utter perfection in a world that was far from it.  Not long ago the world was a much different place. One where people were courteous, kind, and gentle.Continue reading “Writing Prompt 11/12/15”

First Pumpkin!

The first year in any child’s life is fun just because you get to experience the firsts of many traditions with said child. This weekend was PJ’s first time at the pumpkin farm we go to in Colgate, WI. It’s called Basse’s Taste of Country and if you haven’t been, I suggest you go thereContinue reading “First Pumpkin!”

Writing Prompt 10/8/15

Finish the sentence. Five minute exercise.  “Death would be too easy” Death would be too easy. A long afternoon of impatient folks, credit card swipes, and price checks were behind me and awaiting my arrival at home was a giant bowl of popcorn and my favorite comedic reruns. It didn’t matter that it was FridayContinue reading “Writing Prompt 10/8/15”

Cemetery Scene – Cecelia/Caleb

I stared at the grave marker for some time, allowing the small details to penetrate my sponge like brain. But no matter how long I stood there, there just wasn’t any peace. Acceptance was further out than I had hoped and my grip on composure was slipping.  Some distance ahead I overheard the roar ofContinue reading “Cemetery Scene – Cecelia/Caleb”

Writing Prompt

Write a scene: Rain transformed the narrow path into a stream of mud and dead leaves.  —————– Rain transformed the narrow path into a stream of mud and dead leaves. Cecelia’s damp body was pressed up against my back as we trudged through the dense vegetation. The surrounding viney apendages whipped past us leaving scratchesContinue reading “Writing Prompt”

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