Haunted Waters

Dipping below the horizon, the sun’s last rays sliced the ocean into pieces, as though each beam were its own laser. She gazed upon the waves in the distance, imagining the reef teaming with hungry predators looking for a meal.  Temporarily distracted by the melody of crashing waves and sifting sand, the young widow approachedContinue reading “Haunted Waters”

Sneak Peek – Here and Now

The gulf stretches for an eternity, it’s careless waves licking the beach in a therapeutic motion. It was on the beach that he first kissed me, but also the very place he said he was leaving because he couldn’t do this anymore.  It’s not like ‘this’ was something I had wanted. California was the onlyContinue reading “Sneak Peek – Here and Now”

Oceanic Therapy 

The ocean spoke with gentle waves, the tide rising and then reclaiming sand before returning to the water’s edge. Gemma nearly always found herself at the edge, it’s crisp salty texture a sort of massage to her damaged soul.  In her hands tonight she held a simple gold band, smooth to the touch but woreContinue reading “Oceanic Therapy “

Kid Magic: A Short Story

Kid Magic There was a time when being here made me feel whole. A time when being saturated in the sweet pine and maple scent was worth the bugs and scurrying critters. In the summer, the entire open field would be alive with gorgeous clusters of wildflowers and we’d run through the tall grass handContinue reading “Kid Magic: A Short Story”