An elegant embrace and forbidden lovers.  Sweet nectar of passion – cleverly disguised by a lengthy tension.  A borrowed kiss, a weekend of bliss – A personal drug I cannot bear to leave behind.  © by Amber L Hoppa, October 2015

Marriage Leap 

A love story, woven and bound by trust, delicately blessed with commitment and faith.  What sets us free is the horizon; an unpredictable sky of adventure.  October brings the circle around, where one chapter ends- another begins.  What life shall we lead- now that we are no longer two, But one held together by twoContinue reading “Marriage Leap “

Spark of Violence

Normal routine, interrupted by chaos and tragedy. An impatient sound fills the space with terror  and leaves a scar of flame.  Initial burning morphs into a numbing peace.  A gentle life- left hanging in the balance.  They riddle the floor: parents, children, and siblings.  A space of red, tears, and violence- with power to bringContinue reading “Spark of Violence”

Oceanic Therapy 

The ocean spoke with gentle waves, the tide rising and then reclaiming sand before returning to the water’s edge. Gemma nearly always found herself at the edge, it’s crisp salty texture a sort of massage to her damaged soul.  In her hands tonight she held a simple gold band, smooth to the touch but woreContinue reading “Oceanic Therapy “

Autumn Days

Scarecrows, pumpkins, and apples- Shorter days and longer shadows- Colored leaves and sweaters.  Summer has sadly come and gone, but Autumn is here with cider and cuddles. 

Monday Haiku 

Violent waves call me Thunder rolls, lightning cracks Bahamian storms.  ——— Monday morning blues Traffic interrupts travel Fine city living 

Cloud of Despair 

Like the clouds I am free- to be who I want to be.  A puff of white or a blackened canvas.  An attempt to change me will result in failure.  A twist in fate- just enough to sate the beast within.  Who dares to answer the call? Not me, for I am nothing.  A cloudContinue reading “Cloud of Despair “


The parking lots are empty- the workplace deserted. Same holds true in my life- a void in my heart. But I find comfort in my loneliness, the same those do in crowds.  But I don’t need the deafening silence, for I am heard through everlasting words.  © October 2015 by Amber L Hoppa

Grieving Widow 

What was once beautiful has come and gone the reality of the season set in stone. There isn’t much more to say, we couldn’t have it any other way… The door is sealed tight- and I must now face the world without fright. To brave the weather is for me alone, but I wish IContinue reading “Grieving Widow “

Blood Moon

Blood Moon A starry blanket wrapping the world in its nightly shadow. In the dark there is quiet- In the dark there is solace. Vast is the sky in its slumbering state, the only means of light in a blinding moon. To imagine its size based on sight would be unfit, a world unjust inContinue reading “Blood Moon”

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