Writing Prompt 11/12/15

Even in the pit of darkness, the pistol had a certain glow about it. It’s sleek, hard barrel was smooth beneath her hand, it’s texture fine and utter perfection in a world that was far from it. 

Not long ago the world was a much different place. One where people were courteous, kind, and gentle. Friends were exactly that, and not blood sucking two-faced traitors. Men weren’t cool and detached little boys looking to get out of dinner and go straight to dessert. 

Her reflection was no longer someone she recognized. Strong features that radiated confidence and poise were replaced by repulsive sunken eyes and bony cheeks. With hair as greasy and in dire need of attention as hers, it was amazing the woman would even show up in the mirror. It was abundantly clear she was one who rarely left the bed and Netflix unless she had to. 

Days stretched into weeks that turned into months with no sign of a change in season. Mental exhaustion was the consequence of the outside world and its negativity. She continued to crumble under the weight of the comments, rumors, and snide remarks. She would crumble until she’d  break. 

At which point she was to shatter or stand up and fight. 

Her finger hovered nervously over the trigger, her eyes squeezed shut as she anxiously anticipated the shot. She counted with breaths. 




The shot rang out, muffled by her earbuds. Quickly she opened her eyes and saw the small hole in the target some twenty yards ahead of her. The emotion that overwhelmed her body was indescribable in the best way and she couldn’t help but smile.

Not today my bullies. 

For today she chose to stand. 

Complicated Perfection

Overwhelming machines

a worrisome screen – 

none of us could’ve foreseen

what was to change our routine. 

Everything was so clean – 

stainless with an eerie glean. 

I felt myself growing lean

between hospital cuisine 

and little caffeine. 

All we did was for our little bean,

the pump, medicine, and saline. 

Though the world seemed mean – 

what had gone unseen 

turned out to be our perfect scene. 

© November 2015 by Amber L Hoppa

Love’s Curse

We weren’t once so diverse

so long as we overlooked our births. 

I used to believe I was cursed-

unable to find that perfect verse. 

Our melody was a rocker’s surge;

passionate, powerful, and fierce. 

But then things turned for the worse,

and now you’re the one alone in a hearse. 

© November 2015 by Amber L Hoppa

Valley and Sky

The valley holds the secret

to the sky of acheivement. 

What possesses our finest 

also houses our greatest fears. 

A crystal ball of promise, life,

and love. 

An orb of misfits, deceit,

and death. 

But little do we know –

the key isn’t to separate,

but to find that fine line between

valley and sky –

and live without regret. 

© by Amber L Hoppa, October 2015

Capsized Summer

And now the season’s changing –
if only I could say our hearts have.
What once was can no longer be –
for you’ve all but buried me in the grave.

Blue, purple, black and peach,
the colors of my bruises sing.
A melody of pain, love, and trouble –
a true makings of a summer fling.

A story of a thousand photos
some with laughter and some with shadows.
My mind is in shambles,
bearing the scars of my internal battles.

What was once pleasure
will now be my demise.
The sinking of a hundred suns –
my world is about to capsize.

Sneak Peek – Here and Now

The gulf stretches for an eternity, it’s careless waves licking the beach in a therapeutic motion. It was on the beach that he first kissed me, but also the very place he said he was leaving because he couldn’t do this anymore. 

It’s not like ‘this’ was something I had wanted. California was the only place I could revisit happy memories from my past. The only place I could truly start over. 

It’s been a week. No contact, not even to his little sister who is a living, breathing reminder of what’s missing from our close knit group. The Calypso twins are newer, but they are equally as annoying though they’d finally agree to disagree. Mika and Zak are still in that honeymoon zombie state and Rachel is, well, Rachel. Soft footsteps hesitate behind me. “Mi,” Rae’s voice is cautious, almost a whisper against the waves. “Group’s ready to rumble.”

I hadn’t wanted this to happen. Mitch was supposed to have gotten off his high horse and come back so we could fix this. With a heavy sigh, I turn away from the serenity of the open water and shrug. “Alright, let’s go.”

Shock doesn’t even come close to describing her reaction. “Are you sure?” She enouncates each word carefully. “He won’t be able to catch up or find us if we leave and he changes his mind.”

The Texas sun is high in the sky, the heat reaching a point of discomfort. My hearts wanders but my mind remains firm. He’d have come back if he had even a sliver of hope for our relationship. “Don’t worry,” I grip her shoulder as I pass. “He won’t.” 


An elegant embrace

and forbidden lovers. 

Sweet nectar of passion –

cleverly disguised by a lengthy tension. 

A borrowed kiss,

a weekend of bliss –

A personal drug

I cannot bear to leave behind. 

© by Amber L Hoppa, October 2015

Marriage Leap 

A love story,

woven and bound by trust,

delicately blessed with commitment

and faith. 

What sets us free is the horizon;

an unpredictable sky of adventure. 

October brings the circle around,

where one chapter ends-

another begins. 

What life shall we lead-

now that we are no longer two,

But one held together

by two spirited souls.

© by Amber L Hoppa, October 2015 

Spark of Violence

Normal routine,

interrupted by chaos and tragedy.

An impatient sound

fills the space with terror 

and leaves a scar of flame. 

Initial burning morphs

into a numbing peace. 

A gentle life-

left hanging in the balance. 

They riddle the floor:

parents, children, and siblings. 

A space of red, tears, and violence-

with power to bring society

to its shaken knees. 

© by Amber L Hoppa, October 2015

First Pumpkin!

The first year in any child’s life is fun just because you get to experience the firsts of many traditions with said child. This weekend was PJ’s first time at the pumpkin farm we go to in Colgate, WI. It’s called Basse’s Taste of Country and if you haven’t been, I suggest you go there if you get the chance. Not only do they offer the best kettle corn, apple cider donuts, and caramel apples they also offer a day’s worth of activities for children of all ages to enjoy. From bouncy houses and pillows to corn pits and pumpkin checkers, this place is amazing. And with each admission you get a free pumpkin from the patch! 

Upon arriving, we hit up the hayride to seize our pumpkins first. 

Our little man wasn’t feeling the greatest (those teeth have been making him quite miserable) but we got to the patch and found our little pumpkin his very FIRST pumpkin. 


From there, we loaded the truck and then headed back to the corn maze where P was amazed by the corn. He got to ride on daddy’s shoulders for a bit but then got tired and took a snooze while momma helped eat some kettlecorn Gramma and Grandpa Jezwinski bought. 

After getting lost in the corn maze and finding our way out again, we walked around the grounds and though P is still a little small for most of the activities, he enjoyed playing on his blanket by a picnic table with everyone. 

Towards the end of the day, he had had his fill of fall fest and was ready to go home. And though we enjoyed his first fall fest, we can’t wait until next year 😉 


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