Speechless, so how about a poem?

Please don’t cry, for I am with you always.  The air around me is full of sighs; the weight of a hundred broken hearts.    My time here has come and gone, much sooner than you and I had hoped.  But don’t worry, I’m where I belong; right beside you as I’ve always been.   Continue reading “Speechless, so how about a poem?”

Life Lesson on Being a New Mom

As a new mom I’m figuring things out…like how to avoid being peed on and finding time to write because it’s one thing I need in my life to keep me sane. Well, as sane as I can get anyway 😉 I admit, when I was pregnant with our son, I jumped through hoops toContinue reading “Life Lesson on Being a New Mom”

Motherhood Hiccup

With a future of uncertainty, I somehow find the will to face my fears. But who will wipe my worried tears? I often found myself at odds with myself after my son’s medical condition became known shortly after his birth. The days I spent in the hospital alone with my husband were some of theContinue reading “Motherhood Hiccup”

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