Fiction Friday

I know St Patrick’s Day was yesterday but we can’t not include that with this week’s theme! Besides, it’s my birthday today so that is how this works!

The hole in the wall bar was flooded with green and reeked of Irish beer and vomit. Olivia stood out in the crowd, as obvious as a Disney princess in the Game of Thrones universe but she squeezed through the crowd with purpose until she finally made her way to the bar.

“Whatcha doin’ ere miss?” a man slurred and she throat punched him, sending him to the floor before he even had an idea of what had happened. The few people around her backed up, giving her the space she clearly desired, helping the man up and escorting him to a table nearby.

“I’m looking for a man by the name of Ethan Ferris.”

The bartender nods towards the end of the bar and Olivia shoves through, taking the glass of scotch from the bartender as he points to a solitary table in the far corner of the bar. “You’ll find him there.”

Without a thank you, she thrusts through the crowd of pretend Irish folk and sets the glass down in front of the man they claim is able to hack anything. “Your drink sir.”

He waves her towards the open seat. “You’re late.”

“No, you gave me the wrong address.”

“Did I?” He smiles and then shrugs. “Dyslexia I suppose.”

Olivia narrows her eyes. “You can’t hide from me, Ethan. Even forcing me to retrieve you from a God awful Irish pub when half the city is prancing up and down Main Street like a bunch of morons isn’t enough. Now were you able to do what I asked or not?”

Solemnly, he nods, pulling a flash drive from the pockets of his jeans. “She’s traveling, currently in Florida but she’s spent some time in Maine and Boston recently.”

Olivia wrinkles her nose. “She’s getting close. You will be compensated. Enjoy your drink.”

As she leaves, she exchanges a look with the bartender once more and brushing invisible lint from her blazer, she shoves through the door back into the night air, a conscious clear of any misdoing.

Have a wonderful weekend folks! Much love,


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