Fiction Friday

Happy Friday folks! What are your writing goals looking like for this weekend? I have my kids this weekend so I likely won’t be getting much work done but we do have a play date with family we haven’t seen in a while and a possible trip to an indoor water park Sunday. I may have to do some night owl writing to get it done but we’ll see what happens!

Let’s jump into this week’s prompt. I kept it simple.

Not far from the chaos that comes with city life there is a patch of greenery that attracts the best sort of residents: wild flowers, trees, and critters ranging from deer to small rodents. Groups of pines break up the somewhat hilly landscape and offer a bit of paradise from life for those who seek the solace.

It was a beautiful late spring day; the sun was shining and the simple wildflowers were in bloom across the field. Finding the perfect spot, Talia dropped by a rock and took a seat, breathing in deeply as she pried open the journal she had long kept hidden from view in the deepest part of her closet.

The journal was the very same as the one she’d given him the day before he deployed all those years ago. Despite having access to technology that allows for instant communication he had wanted to jot things down. It was a deeply personal thing, he’d claim, to keep them close for the years to come.

She owed it to him to absorb the words between the pages, feel his warmth and love, and clothe herself with his sincerity. It’d been two years but the first few paragraphs brought tears to her eyes and she allowed for her toned blonde waves to fall to shelter her face. She wasn’t fully prepared for the renewed round of grief that came with his promises and dreams that would no longer come to fruition.

After a number of pages, she gently closed the journal, pressing the cover to her forehead while she let a few stray tears shed. The pain of his loss was still strong but she felt a sense of peace wash over her even after the small amount she had read. Maybe her therapist was right; this wasn’t a nail in the coffin but a breath of freedom to begin living her life again.

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