February Check-In

It’s that time of month. How on Earth is it that time of month already?

February is going great so far. I actually finished my first February book before the month even started and I was reached out to by an author online to read and review their book, Stormsilver. I’m nearing the halfway point of that one so I will have at least 3 in for this month and I am super excited!

As far as my draft goes, my deadline is this coming weekend so let’s pray I hit it!

Next up is outlining book two in my Mask trilogy and I’m hoping to tackle that first draft in the coming months during my break from Book one. I also want to rework some scenes from Whispers of the Dead which is a standalone that was inspired after my cousin’s untimely death in 2014. The anniversary of his death was just back on the tenth of this month and I thought it would be appropriate to have that one be my first self-published book so with any luck, I will have that one ready for publication later this year! EEK!

It’s easy for me to be overwhelmed reading over what my goals are for this month and what has yet to be accomplished but I know with the right attitude it’ll happen, and worst case, I am giving myself the grace to allow some things hit the back burner while I focus on the prioritized tasks.

How do you keep yourself in check? I tend to opt for a calendar since I am highly visual and need to be able to see what my goals and due dates are. Do you get down on yourself when a deadline is coming or do you shrug it off, picking a new battle to forge?

Keep up the great work, we’re almost to the end of the month! Keep it strong and keep that light burning!

As always, with love,


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  1. Oh yeah, I do have to keep a list—or a visual reminder—of sorts to keep myself in check, because when things are vague swirls in my mind, they tend to get ignored. Wishing you all the best with your deadlines!

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