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February Goals


How on Earth is it February already?

I’m not kidding. January just flew on by! Now, to be fair to myself, I did have three deaths in the family in the first half of the month so that was exhausting but I did push through. I didn’t get my entire first draft done which was a bummer but I did get quite a bit done so I am happy with my progress. So for February, I am going to finish draft one and then outline the second in this series. As a note, this is more of a rework of a set already completed (not edited, just drafted) but when I wrote it I was a fresh out of high school writer so I have some more depth I want to add to the story and whatnot. It’s been fun rereading what I’ve written…insert cringe face! Ha!

I have two books in mind for my February reads. Both authors are new to me so I am excited to see what they have in store for me! I have a few others to grab from my TBR if I get through these two quickly so be on the look out for the reviews later this month!

As far as my social media presence, I am up to some 672 followers on Twitter and have been active on there since mid-January. I am hoping to cross the 1k mark here in February and start picking up on my instagram since I really only focused on Twitter and the blog this last month. I need some fun accounts to follow on instagram though so help me out, drop your handles below so I expand my feed! Extra points if you’re as weird and crazy as me!

As I did last month, I’ll do a mid-month check in to let you know I’m still alive and not wanting to stab myself with a pen. HA!

What are your writing or otherwise related goals this month?

As always, with love,


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