January Check-In

My month is definitely off to a rough start. In my personal life we’ve had two deaths in the family, my grandmother and my ex’s grandfather so it’s been a whirlwind. A third is on the horizon, and by the time this publishes, my uncle will have likely have passed. However, that hasn’t stopped me from carving out time to get some words down on paper, though admittedly I am further behind than I care to be at this point.

For reading, so far I am one book in for the month of January. I have finished Sarah Sutton’s Christmas as We Know It and boy was it cute! I’m finishing up my review on that one and then I will jump into my second choice for the month and hopefully I can squeeze a third in this month but I’m not confident since the 31st is coming up fast and I need to finish my first draft!

My current WIP is something that has been on the shelves for quite some time. I actually had the entire trilogy written but due to some new arcs and storylines I wanted to explore, I’m refreshing it and while it’s not a total rewrite, it’s near close unfortunately for the first two books. The last one will have minor edits and then I’m hoping to get them all formally edited at some point this year. My other project I am hoping to publish this year is a singleton and I plan on drafting that one next month since I have been outlining it in my limited free time. I don’t typically outline but because this one is a bit out of my comfort zone as far as genre goes, I want to make sure I do it justice.

So many authors I’m finding have a niche or genre they prefer to write in so I’m curious. How many of my readers are like that? I don’t like to be tabled to my go to which is Fantasy or Urban Fantasy but I enjoy writing contemporary romance and I do want to try my hand at a true mystery thriller in time. Do you have a go-to genre and why?

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