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Back in high school, some ten years ago (yikes!), I had dreamt of an amazing concept for a fantasy saga. To be honest, it TOOK over my brain and these characters were all I could think of until I jotted their stories down.

Quite recently, now that I’m finished with my latest project, I dug out those pages and skimmed through them. As though no time has passed, the plot and characters stretched and came back to life.

But I hated the story! Oh my gosh it was awful and I repeatedly asked myself, “What the heck was I thinking?!”

To those who thought it was good back when I had you read it, shame on you. Haha!

I’ve since scraped the project, keeping the characters and general plot but giving the entire thing a massive makeover. It’s darker, fiercer, and more devious than ever and I can’t wait to share it…after my editor helps me polish the details I miss 😉

I can’t share too much at this time since I’m still only 50k into the first book but I can promise you, it’ll be worth the wait this time!

Until then!

Much love,


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Simply put, I'm a thirty something single mom of three young boys with a passion for reading and writing. Writing, and reading for that matter, has been a passion since elementary school when a friend and I had our short collection of poetry published through the school where it was on display in the library for an entire year. While I still enjoy poetry, my love has grown into short stories and full length novels. Tag along for the journey, it'll be documented here every step of the way.

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