Sneak Peek Sunday!

The past few months I’ve attended some online seminars and one of the tips was to evolve a blog into your author platform. I’ve been using my blog primarily to discuss things near and dear to me and share some poetry from time to time but haven’t really done much as far as inventing my platform. 

So, on a note of one of the leaders, I’ve dedicated Sundays to teasing you, my growing fan base, with news and possible excerpts from projects I’m currently working on! 

Today, however, I will be sharing my goals for 2017 now that I have had a week to really put on paper what I want to accomplish. 

After my Aunt’s passing in March 2016, I “dusted” off my unfinished first draft of my NA novel, Words Left Unspoken, and finished it. 

It’s this very book that is with my editor and will be published this summer. 

So, my main goal is just to survive this rollercoaster until publication. Haha!

My other goal is to fine tune Lost and Found. Due to some comflicts with my publisher, I’ve decided to pull the plug and rerelease the novel with a ton of bonus content. My current editor has agreed to go through it with me to make sure Lost and Found is given the time and love that I’ve wanted for it since the beginning. 

And finally, set up a publication schedule for my long awaited trilogy and plot Lost and Found’s sequel! 

Told you all this year would be exciting! Stay tuned for your weekly updates

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Simply put, I'm a thirty something single mom of three young boys with a passion for reading and writing. Writing, and reading for that matter, has been a passion since elementary school when a friend and I had our short collection of poetry published through the school where it was on display in the library for an entire year. While I still enjoy poetry, my love has grown into short stories and full length novels. Tag along for the journey, it'll be documented here every step of the way.

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