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What a sight it is to see the sun and have no need for a coat! It’s been a crazy handful of weeks between losing my aunt and having to deal with the ordeals that come with losing someone that you’ve watched triumph over the trials sent their way over the years. 

But with death comes hope. We aren’t always going to be sad, life is a treasure and it’s not ours for all eternity. We need to share it with generations to come and when it’s our time, our only hope is that we’ve truly lived knowing we are leaving with no regrets. 

That being said, I picked up a project I had shelved for some time. I’d gotten about halfway through the novel before I lost sight of what I wanted for it even though I knew it was a story that needed to be written. It needs to be shared. Funny how a death started this project and it’s another close death that’s kick started my creative juices. 

I will finish this story. Not for myself or either of my late relatives who’ve inspired this novel, but for the world who experiences grief and loss on a daily basis. I know reading and editing what I have so far has done wonders for me, I just can’t wait to hear what it does for those around me. 

Much love, possibly a sneak peak soon 😉 


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