Birthday Boy!

Today is a beautiful day for many reasons but especially is wonderful because it’s our son’s FIRST birthday! As mentioned in a prior post, we have many reasons to celebrate today, the most important obviously being that our son is alive and well. 


Taken following his birth prior to discovering his condition
Pure, unconditional love at first sight. Our bouncing boy was born 8lbs 3oz and was 22 inches long! No wonder he threatened breaking ribs!

As it would happen, we’d only have SIX hours with our bundle before he’d be on his way to Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee. I held him three times and maybe spent half of that time with him since the other half was spent worrying when he wasn’t returning from his routine exam. 

I will never forget the look on the pediatrician’s face when she peeked her head in our room and broke the news that our son wasn’t as healthy as they originally thought. She did amazing explaining it all and dealing with our emotional responses, or rather, mine. He was to be kept in the nursery until Milwaukee would come get him. 


No new mother should have to say good bye to her new born son. There is a reason my face is cropped out, for a mess doesn’t even come close to describing me that day…
But today is a happy day so we will celebrate how far we’ve come versus dwelling on the dark days that came during the 25 days of being down at Children’s Hospital. 

Left: Fighter following his first surgery at 3 days old! He certainly did better then I did! Right: Playing with the contents of one of his Easter eggs!

Happy Birthday Peter Joseph. Momma and daddy love you soooooo very muchđź’™

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