Death is a funny thing. Not humorous in any way, but it’s strange that you can swear up and down that you won’t ever get over someone’s death and yet, years later you find that you’ve found a way to go about day to day things without much complication. 

Two years ago tomorrow I received a phone call I hadn’t ever dreamed of getting. A cousin I had grown up with tragically fell victim to an avalanche in Colorado while on his annual snowmobile trip out there. Of course, in recent years, we hadn’t been exceptionally close or anything but our family was close and we saw each other in passing fairly often. 

Now having to overcome something like that seemed impossible when reminders were everywhere; people, places, things. But here we are, two years later. 

In the wake of the recent hit and run tragedy that claimed the life of a 21 year old, I feel myself thinking of Josh a lot. I know he’s likely causing ruckus wherever he’s at but never too busy to look after those he loved most. And may the family of Jacob’s find comfort in their memories during this great time of grief. 

Ride high my cousin-ride high.

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