Happy February!

My gosh, where has January gone?! 

It’s weird to think we are already a month into the new year, a month closer to my son’s first birthday, spring, summer, and getting an agent to publish the first of my Mask Trilogy. It’s strange to think that these years go by far too quickly and we are all too busy to really stop and enjoy the simplicity of things around us. The same things that we see daily and take advantage of. 

The same things that some day, we never see again. 

So yes, our state will be dumped on in the form of heavy, blowing snow, but why not enjoy the beauty in it? Sure, it’s a pain to drive in (oh don’t I know that!) but it is beautiful. Nature its purest form in my opinion. 

On that note I leave you with this:
Crisp and cool –

Drifting past my window. 

A silent storm,

a wonderful sight. 

Here it washes the stains away

left by yesterday’s tears. 

May this snow remind us,

that we all are children inside. 

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Simply put, I'm a thirty something single mom of three young boys with a passion for reading and writing. Writing, and reading for that matter, has been a passion since elementary school when a friend and I had our short collection of poetry published through the school where it was on display in the library for an entire year. While I still enjoy poetry, my love has grown into short stories and full length novels. Tag along for the journey, it'll be documented here every step of the way.

2 thoughts on “Happy February!

    1. I almost moved to Florida several years ago and though on the days that the snow hits I wonder about my decision to stay I can’t imagine not having it at all. But we have a condo in Florida so we vacation quite often 😉

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