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Sneak Peek – Here and Now


The gulf stretches for an eternity, it’s careless waves licking the beach in a therapeutic motion. It was on the beach that he first kissed me, but also the very place he said he was leaving because he couldn’t do this anymore. 

It’s not like ‘this’ was something I had wanted. California was the only place I could revisit happy memories from my past. The only place I could truly start over. 

It’s been a week. No contact, not even to his little sister who is a living, breathing reminder of what’s missing from our close knit group. The Calypso twins are newer, but they are equally as annoying though they’d finally agree to disagree. Mika and Zak are still in that honeymoon zombie state and Rachel is, well, Rachel. Soft footsteps hesitate behind me. “Mi,” Rae’s voice is cautious, almost a whisper against the waves. “Group’s ready to rumble.”

I hadn’t wanted this to happen. Mitch was supposed to have gotten off his high horse and come back so we could fix this. With a heavy sigh, I turn away from the serenity of the open water and shrug. “Alright, let’s go.”

Shock doesn’t even come close to describing her reaction. “Are you sure?” She enouncates each word carefully. “He won’t be able to catch up or find us if we leave and he changes his mind.”

The Texas sun is high in the sky, the heat reaching a point of discomfort. My hearts wanders but my mind remains firm. He’d have come back if he had even a sliver of hope for our relationship. “Don’t worry,” I grip her shoulder as I pass. “He won’t.” 

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