First Pumpkin!

The first year in any child’s life is fun just because you get to experience the firsts of many traditions with said child. This weekend was PJ’s first time at the pumpkin farm we go to in Colgate, WI. It’s called Basse’s Taste of Country and if you haven’t been, I suggest you go there if you get the chance. Not only do they offer the best kettle corn, apple cider donuts, and caramel apples they also offer a day’s worth of activities for children of all ages to enjoy. From bouncy houses and pillows to corn pits and pumpkin checkers, this place is amazing. And with each admission you get a free pumpkin from the patch! 

Upon arriving, we hit up the hayride to seize our pumpkins first. 

Our little man wasn’t feeling the greatest (those teeth have been making him quite miserable) but we got to the patch and found our little pumpkin his very FIRST pumpkin. 


From there, we loaded the truck and then headed back to the corn maze where P was amazed by the corn. He got to ride on daddy’s shoulders for a bit but then got tired and took a snooze while momma helped eat some kettlecorn Gramma and Grandpa Jezwinski bought. 

After getting lost in the corn maze and finding our way out again, we walked around the grounds and though P is still a little small for most of the activities, he enjoyed playing on his blanket by a picnic table with everyone. 

Towards the end of the day, he had had his fill of fall fest and was ready to go home. And though we enjoyed his first fall fest, we can’t wait until next year 😉 


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