Six Months Old!

My baby is six months old. Where in the world has the last half year gone?! 

When I think back to that day we welcomed little Peter into our lives I relive some of the happiest days of my life. But with those first few days of memories also come the worst moments I was ever forced to endure. So by celebrating my son’s half birthday I’m also celebrating my son’s accomplishments since his major surgery performed when he was only three days old. 

While little man stayed at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin I was blessed to have met some of the amazing medical professionals and mothers who knew exactly what I needed to hear even when I was tired of listening. What was refreshing, however, was that even as my world was physically crumbling with each set back we came across was that these mothers, my newfound friends, had a knack for avoiding the phrases I’d come to despise. 

Our little man will always have obstacles to overcome. I suppose that’s the reality of the surgery and its aftermath. But given everything he’s been forced to endure and overcome, I have no doubt he will continue to take on the challenges with the same attitude. I mean, after all, he is my son 🙂 

But enough of the gloom-there is plenty of joy! Little P (named after his grandfather) is a smiley little boy who loves his puppies and kitties. He also enjoys destroying his exersaucer  (because what little boy doesn’t like to destroy things). When he’s not avoiding his naps, he can be found rolling over, standing with assistance, and shrieking when he isn’t getting enough attention. He’s extremely smart and we are so blessed to have been chosen to be his parents. 

Happy half birthday little P. By coming into our lives, you’ve not only turned out world upside down and inside out but you’ve added a light that will continue to burn for many years to come. 

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