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Through Her Daughter’s Eyes


I’ve always been fascinated with poetry. In fact, my first published piece ever was a book of poems (written by an eight year old Am but still).

Tonight’s poem is one I wrote several years ago, long before I made the journey into motherhood myself.  I wrote it with my own mother in mind at the time, however, and to this day it remains one of my favorite pieces. Enjoy.

Through Her Daughter’s Eyes

She plants that smile on her face;

a nervous laugh to break the silence. 

Only I see she’s hiding the jagged wounds;

the memories that continue to haunt her. 

A nervous laugh to break the silence,

but her eyes are lined in tears–slowly,

she breaks.

Will she discover the secret?

Her eyes are lined in tears–slowly,

she finds the strength to stand.

She’s not alone; she has me, though,

I cannot help.

She finds the strength to stand;

to do away with the bad–

Allowing the truth to seep in,

allowing happiness to settle within.

What the heart refuses to acknowledge,

the eyes will not see.

What the mind refuses to register,

the ears will not hear.

I only wish to one day be as strong,

as beautiful, and as talented as her.

As seen–

through her daughter’s eyes.

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