Peace and Place

Happy Sunday! Enjoy~

Peace and Place

A place where there is no pollution,

a place where there is no war,

a place where you can sit under the stars — 

just to watch your life sail on by.

This is my favorite place.

Sitting in a field made up of

violets, blues, yellows, and pinks.

Sitting on a blanket with him —

watching the sun being engulfed by the horizon.

This is my favorite place.

Relaxing on the newly minted deck,

watching the deer graze and play.

Relaxing in the basement, 

enjoying a simple game of pool.

This is my favorite place.

Climbing into that creaking old tree house,

remembering those pirate days.

Climbing into a pair of water-skis,

for the first run of summer. 

This is my favorite place.

To be wherever the world isn’t, and

to be wherever gossip doesn’t reach.

A place where my mind wanders —

and my creativity soars.

This is my favorite place.

Published by alhoppa

Simply put, I'm a thirty something single mom of three young boys with a passion for reading and writing. Writing, and reading for that matter, has been a passion since elementary school when a friend and I had our short collection of poetry published through the school where it was on display in the library for an entire year. While I still enjoy poetry, my love has grown into short stories and full length novels. Tag along for the journey, it'll be documented here every step of the way.

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