Flying always has a way of putting me into a trance. For the few hours I’m in the air, I’m weightless. Everything else in the world is small, minuscule in fact, and my future is as unwritten and bright as the clouds that seem to carry me to my destination.

My husband and I are celebrating a belated honeymoon, a present he purchased prior to finding out I was pregnant. Decidedly, we put the cruise and island stay on hold. But now, here we are, relaxing in Fort Lauderdale until tomorrow when we board the ship that’ll take us to the Bahamas and drop us off for three whole days! Snorkeling, beach potatoes, and shopping, OH MY!


We miss our dear peanut but are enjoying ourselves immensely, even if we are only two days into our trip. We aren’t the greatest fan of our rental (though we did pick it out–never judge a car by its shiny hood) and we did manage to end up a hotel that hands out warm, fresh-from-the-oven cookies when you check in…I mean seriously, YUM!


I, personally, LOVE to travel. If money wasn’t an issue, I’d pack our bags and seriously, we’d never be home again. But I live in the real world (which lets face it, sucks sometimes) and therefore we need to make the green in order to see the world. So I encourage all of you to vacation somewhere you’ve never been once a year. Whether that place is an hour from your home or a 6 hour plane ride, pack your bags and go. Because you can’t buy this time back, so relish the time you do have with loved ones before you are only left with regret.

Okay, enough of the deep. We shall end this on a happy note:


Did I make you all jealous of my raspberry white chocolate cheesecake? Because let me tell you, it was melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness!

Much love,


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