Five Months Old!

Our little peanut is FIVE months old! I just cannot believe it! To look back and relive what we’ve gone through as a family since he was born, I feel like it was a lifetime ago but nope, only five months. And then I peer down at his toothless grin and think to myself, “how on Earth are you five months old already?”

I guess that’s the funny thing about time; the experience alters our perception of it, but it never moves faster or slower.

Our little man loves to stand and people watch (my own little peeping Tom, I swear) and absolutely despises being on his tummy no matter the time of day or mood he’s in. The second you do he simply rolls over. He is working on two teeth but is surprisingly handling it well.

Today we are not only celebrating another month older but we had a follow up with his surgeon today. Now that he is fully healed (nicely, I might add) we can give him puréed foods so long as it’s super thin and we start getting him in the habit of one bite, one sip. His medical necessities are minor set backs but if it keeps him healthy and happy, they’re worth every bit of extra caution and time.


Oh, and did I mention he’s going to be my little Harry Potter geek? 🙂

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